Saturday, February 13, 2010

long time no see!!!!!!

hey guys how has it been? i know its been months actually years i think since i ave been on here. well lots of things have happend in my world i have deff grown up i am teying to catch everyone up on things but its hard cause i never ever get on this thing anymore wish i could but you know how it is when there is facebook myspace and alll that junk to do its distracting plus the fact middle school homework piled down with it almost every week!!! LOL :) i love it though and lots of things are going for me like i am very popular in middle school and not the lame preppy chick i am the girl next door haha well i will not promise but i will try to write more offten duces!!!! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Me and my grandparents

I always hear how family is a waste but me Im all family that is why I have my blog picture of me and my grandfather. Both of them have been there for me forever they have helped raise me and I feel that I can conqure anything with them around. My grandfather goes by Pappap and he is like a dad to me instead of a grandparent because in my old story about my father that I never met he takes strong first. My mamoo (grandma) is like my other mother she has been the one who taught me lots 0f new things, she lives in the kitchen so I pick up most of the meals and man nothing can beat the taste of anything she makes. I enjoy going on trips with them Im actually on one with them right now! and I am really having lots of fun it always makes me smile when I see them together because they have been married for 50 years!! now that is true love. Mamoo normally takes me every where, buys me things, and is always up-to-date on the world! then there is pappy to me he is the best man in the world and nothing can compare to him every breathe he takes makes me happy cause even though they arent extremly well they are still better than ever. No-one can live without them especially me so I hope they will pick up there laptop and read this because I just want to say thankyou to them because life is life you only get one so make the best of it for as long as you live.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Memories of Patrick Kinkaid

This year has had many ups and downs at my school. Like this year a horrible accident happened a young boy had been cursed with heart disease and he passed. His name was Patrick Tood Kinkaid he was an 11 year old boy who went to worthington school, and was nicknamed red his hair was read, his favorite color was red, he was just a very happy go lucky. And loved to be goofy. Patrick was having his third heart surgery and it was very dangerous, he has went through alot and I find it hard to beleive that any kid would not be scared but Pat was way to strong. Patrick had lots of pride, joy, and so much spirit for someone in his kind of kindition I was shocked but before Patrick passed my school had a fund raiser for Pat that had helped chip in some money for his surgery.It was called teeam Patrick week each day was filled with lots of fun like Monday "hat for Pat"bring in a dollar, Tuesday was bring in a pack of gum and a dollar, Wedsday take in quarters to throw a pie at S (the teacher), Thursday bring football cards and baseball cards, Friday bring a dollar for a courage braclet and wear red for Patrick. And he got really lucky one of the Yankees had sighned a hat and a baseball bat that they acually used in a real baseball game!!! he almost cried. Then just the 5 grade threw a party for him and we raised some money for a brand new DS! he was so happy there was 9 games and he played them all!. It was funny because in his obituary it said before he died that his fingers were soar from playing the games that we gave him, the other class said that he stayed up all night playing every single game I really thought that was cute. Our school raised over 12,000 dollars!!!! WE WERE SO PROUD! the school was dancing in rejoyce when we got the news that we had raised that much money but then the day came surgery arrived faster than ever and announcments were talking about how well Pat was doing but then the worst had happened. My mothers friend called and said that patrick Kinkaid would no longer be coming back to Worthington he had died, and from that moment my heart fell to my stomach and I stared at mother and started to bawl my eyes out. The rest of the week was mostly a blur it was just emotions pouring out of everyone happy and sad ceremonys were held, and in memory of patrick the school planted a tree in his honor and took the pies that he shoved at S face and the were hung on the tree. I have many good memories about him and most of them I will never forget Patrick was the best student a teacher could ever have, Pat was loved by everyone and never be forgotten well atleast not in my heart.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My wild vacation to Napples Florida

Last year I visited a place called napples grand and I had a great adventure going there. I had went with my aunts,and my grandparents. They were very interesting on the way there we had drove in two seperate cars I went in my aunts car, and my grandparents drove theirs. We had listened to music, stopped to eat, read books, watched dvds, and took turns laying in the back seat. You would be surprised in how cozy it was back there because we had slept in the car over night. I slept till we got there and I when we pulled up, I saw the tallest hotel. The best part about checking in was when we snuck my aunts little puppy in a blanket and we got lucky because when we got in there he started to growl, and then when the man looked over and said wow but then he just walked away and let it slide. I thought that we were busted for sure but then when we went up to our room I saw a huge flat screen on the wall, two king size beds, a big balcony, and a hot tub in the bathroom. I had died and went to paradise heaven, I really liked the water slide that landed in the big pool it was made out of rock. The next day we went to breakfast and ate a awsome buffet. We got our bathing suites on and went the beach, there was beautiful white sand, lots of whole shells, and the beach was crowded with lots of beach towels and sun tan lotion. Well we all decide to rent the cyaces, and my aunt got the single one and had to share with my other aunt. So we get half way there and she stops and says.... jade stear the boat Im tired, I took over and when we entered the ocean my aunt scratches her leg and tips into the blue water! I was soaked in water and seaweed I was happy though I was cold. It was dinner time when I done with my vacation I felt great.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My exploration dream

Hi its jade I wanted to tell you guys my dream when I become an adult. Well I like to explore things, be adventureis, and discover new objects. Well since I was in 3rd grade its always been my dream to go to Egypt. I have always been interested in solving a mystery about something that took someone a long time to find out about. Because when I went into a museum I saw many artifacts about queen Cleipatra, mummys, and other cool things. The day I turn 18 I will take as many plane rides or car rides as I can just to discover something new, and show that Im a true explorer and I will go through anything to find a good mystery. Thats another dream that will never change in my mind.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My talent

Hi sorry I have not wrote in a while but I have been so busy lately with school, homework, and travling. It seems like I have no time for my computer, or my talent.I know everyone in the world has a simple uniqe talent. Well so does this girl, it all started on january, 14th-09 when I was lying on my bed bored, with nothing to do so I turned on my ihome, and started listing to the radio well ten minutes later a comercial break came on and I thought man these comercials are so lame. So I just sat there until... BAM a man announced My kids got talent I jumped up and ran to my dresser, I grabbed a piece of paper, and a huge marker and started writing information down I was so happy because I got the e-mail address. I waited till my mom got home from work and I showed her the information and my mother called are very good friend Dina, and said to please fill out the form because my mom is clueless with a computer. But when I was lying there on my bed I thought if I were to do this what would be my talent? so I thought, and thought because I am good at many things like singing, dancing, and acting. It's really always had the dream to be on stage singing and then finals of american idol would come and then they would say and the winner of american idol is.... Jade Burkhart! and confettie would burst out both sides of the stage and I would be singing my ending song A moment like this just like my idol Kelly Clarkson. If I were to win my kids got talent I would cry of pure joy and probably scream, I just can't wait till my day of happiness comes and now it will happen sooner than I ever dreamed of.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Bff

My bff is my ant leigh! she's the greatest person to talk to through difficult times, I also have my other bff and that's my other ant she's also cool too. I miss them so much ever since I moved I don't get to see them but when I visit we have a good time. I can't wait to see them when I go for chrismas because I spent christmas with them last year and I woke their little puppy up at 6:00 and he was so sleppy that if you moved him he would still sleep I mean how crazy is that well any ways I hope that when I see them again we will have the cool christmas this year just like last year.